Christmas Angel

Each year, usually in August, we begin working to make Christmas special for orphaned children along our southern border with Mexico.  Many of these kids have little reason to look forward to Christmas but we are striving to change that.  Our annual goal is to provide Christmas packages for 250 children or more.  Each package will contain a new toy, coloring book(s) and crayons.  In addition, we hope to also provide a children’s Bible or New Testament in English or Spanish as determined by the child’s native language.  This may seem like a huge task but the need is great. Please help by becoming a “Christmas Angel” for one or more children, providing toy(s) and/or a donation for the coloring books, crayons and Bibles which will be purchased in bulk.  Be watching for announcements with details regarding the children’s ages and other specific needs.  Financial contributes are also helpful for purchasing needed items.  May God bless all our “Christmas Angel” and all orphaned children this Christmas.  Come Grow with Us!

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